Personal Shopping Gift Card

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Personal Shopping Gift Card

from 200.00

Gift someone Whitney's services by way of closet clean-outs, styling their current wardrobe and finding the essentials to bring it full circle. 

One hour would allow for a consultation to find your needs in terms of style editing and shopping. 

Whitney suggests that you enquire 3 hours, which is marked down for a price tag of $500, that will allow for the full experience of closet editing (outfits created from clothing you already own, as well as removing items no longer deemed necessary.)

A day of service allows Whitney to do the above, as well as make plans to shop for new pieces that you need. 

If digitally purchased, Whitney will shortly get in touch.

It should be noted that these service and rates are for first time clients and vary from ongoing service relationships if you choose to continually work with Whitney. 

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