Wardrobe Consultation

Coming into your current closet, Whitney can help you create outfits from what your wardrobe already contains, as well as mark what you're missing and help you find the perfect pieces to your specific closet puzzle. She is also keen on removing what is no longer needed and selling off items that no longer make sense for you. 

Personal Shopping

In need of a certain piece or multiple outfits for upcoming events? Whitney knows exactly where to find it. Specializing in brand and store relationships, she will seek out your ideal items with total awareness of your personal style as well as a on-the-pulse feel for contemporary designers. 

Styling for Editorial

Working with brands, magazines and retailers, Whitney has styled multiple look books and editorial shoots.

Styling for Red Carpet Events

Working with VIP clients that need special occasion dressing for high-profile soirees and happenings, Whitney has styled multiple celebrities and special guests for their big night. 

Packing Assistance

Making the most of the space in your suitcase, Whitney specializes in creating a mini wardrobe for short or long-term travel plans. 

Gift Consultation

Finding an ideal gift for your significant other, friends or family members is often a chore that takes up way too much brain power. Whitney excels at finding an ideal gift in your set price range, often assisting at getting you the best price for said item. Score!